USAB 2008 – Usability & HCI for Education & Work – 4th Symposium of the WG HCI & UE of the Austrian Computer Society

In order to promote closer collaboration between engineers, researchers and teaching professionals, the Austrian HCI (Human-Computer Interaction) & UE (Usability Engineering) Group in Graz (Austria) invites you to participate in their 4th Usability Symposium, which is going to take place on November 20-21 2008 in Graz, Austria.

Mission Statement: Together Today, combining Data, Information and Knowledge, to support the work of the Educational professionals of tomorrow!

The HCI & UE Group seeks high quality papers, which will be reviewed in a full paper double-blind review by at least three independant reviewers. Accepted condtributions will be presented during the symposium as full or short paper. The conference language is English as it supports a broad access within an international audience. Suggestions for Turorials and Workshops are also welcome.

Topics include but are not limited to:

– Usability and New Research Methodologies

– Formal Methods and Methodologies (incl. Agile Methods)

– Human Aspects of Future Technologies for Learning

– Human-Computer Interaction for Aviation

– Semantics and Usability in Education

– Human Language Analysis and Natural Language Processing

– Usage and Utility of Educational Terminology

– Usability and Human Aspects of e-Learning

– Aspects of usability in Information Visualization for Education

– Usability in Ambient Assisted Living & Life Long Learning

– Augmented Cognition (AugCog) in Education

– Cognitive Workload and Problem Solving Support

– Adaptivity and Usability of Educational Systems

– Usability of Mobile Computing in Education (m-Learning)

– Adaptive User Interfaces for Educational Information Systems

– Simulations in Education & Game Based Learning

– User Centered Design & Development of Educational Systems

– Real Life Usability Testing

– Cognitive Task Analysis

– Remote Usability Testing

– Technology Enhances Learning for Children

– Technology Enhanced Learning for Elderly

– Accessibility in Education

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